November 4, 1999

The Month of Calendar Class

For some reason unknown to me, the designers of java.util.Calendar class have enumerated months of the year from 0 to 11 inclusive. So, January would be month zero, and December

Using Applet Viewer the Easy way

To test your applets using the applet viewer, put the following comment in your Java file: /* */ Then you won’t need an HTML file for your applet code. The

Share Script Functions

In ASP pages, you can share script functions or libraries using the #INCLUDEdirective. This feature allows you to share subroutines and functions acrossmultiple pages. Instead of repeating similar (or rather

Enumerate Treeview Nodes Recursively

Trying to parse a set of TreeView nodes and their children’s nodes and their children’s nodes can be confusing. This algorithm makes the process easier. Recursion describes an algorithm that

Representation of Floating Point Numbers

People sometimes complain about the inaccuracy of floating point arithmetic. To demonstrate the level of floating pint inaccuracy, consider the following program: #include using namespace std; int main() { float