Share Script Functions

Share Script Functions

In ASP pages, you can share script functions or libraries using the #INCLUDEdirective. This feature allows you to share subroutines and functions acrossmultiple pages. Instead of repeating similar (or rather same) scriptfunctions in most of your asp pages, you can club them into a single fileand later on include that file so that its subroutine and functions areavailable.

For example, you can use following line to include subroutines and functionsof file


Make sure that the #INCLUDE line comes before any calls to subroutines orfunctions in the file.

In client script, you can include references to other files in the

After you have included a reference to a file in this way, you can callscript on the page as if it were in the current page. Using this feature youget more maintainable code which also helps in increasing the productivityby reducing the development time.


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