November 22, 1999

Setting Daily Events

Question: I want to kick off a function once a day (for examle, at midnight). The timer seems a very inefficient way to do this. Is there any way of

Migration: Access to SQL Server

Question: I have written an application using VB6/Access. I use DAO. How easy is it to convert the application from Access to SQL Server? Should I make a lot of

Objects And Classes

Question: I need to compare two object instances of the same class. But I need to compare the contents and not the references (ie: “obj1 is obj2” – will not

Taking the Null Character Out of a String

Question: Let me describe the problem first: I have a TYPE statement with two variables(appname & dbname). They both are pointing to a global variable that sets the maximum length

Linking a Listbox to a Database

Question: How can I put a column from my database into a listbox using VB 6.0? Answer: Here’s a quick way to load a listbox using ADO in VB 6.0.

Combobox and ADO Resultset

Question: After retrieving a resultset, using VB6, from SQL Server, I am easily able to populate a grid by setting the resultset to the grid (i.e. Set DataCombo1.DataSource = GetRs).

Variant Naming Specification

Question: I know a recordset object should be named rstName, but don’t know all about variant naming specifications. I looked for it on MSDN for a long time, but couldn’t

Split Function

Question: How is the data laid out in the array and how do you know the size of the array! Answer: Each string that results from the Split function is

Object Creation in VB

Question: I’ve read about what happens behind the scenes when VB creates an instance of a COM object. But, what exactly does happen when VB creates an instance of a