Combobox and ADO Resultset

Combobox and ADO Resultset

After retrieving a resultset, using VB6, from SQL Server, I am easily able to populate a grid by setting the resultset to the grid (i.e. Set DataCombo1.DataSource = GetRs).

How can I populate a Combobox with a resultset? I am selecting 1 field from SQL Server and I want all of the names to appear in a combo box.

Here’s a quick way to load a combo box using ADO in VB 6.0. You’ll have to connect to your database using the appropriate provider?the one shown here is using the SQL Server provider. You’ll need to substitute in the rest of the database connection information, the table name, and the field name.

Dim dcnDB As New ADODB.ConnectionDim rsData As ADODB.RecordsetdcnDB.Open "Provider=SQLOLEDB;" _   & "Data Source=serverName;Initial " _   & "Catalog=databaseName; User " _   & "ID=userName;Password=userPassword;"Set rsData = dcnDB.Execute("SELECT Field FROM Table")Do Until rsData.EOF   Combo1.AddItem rsData("Field")   rsData.MoveNextLooprsData.ClosedcnDB.Close
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