December 1, 1999

Array of Objects

Question: I have two questions. How do I pass an array of objects as an argument? How do I fix an error like “do or while loops are not expanded

Implicit Function Declaration

Question: I am a Computer Science student, and I am trying to compile a program where I use multiple files and my own header file for the first time. But

STL and User-Defined Classes

Question: I’m new to the Standard Template Library. How do I incorporate a user-defined class into a hash_map? What functions do I need to overload? I get compiler errors when

Debugging Macros

Question: In our project we are using many long macros. How we can debug them (setting breakpoints, etc.)? Is there any solution for that in Visual C++ 6.0? Answer: Unfortunately,

Exporting Templates Under C++

Question: How do I create a template library so that I can export templates and use them in different programs? Answer: I’m not sure I understand what you mean by

Memory Stack vs. Free Store

Question: When using C++, is it better to use stack or free store memory for data objects of medium to large size? I have multiplatform concerns on the answer. The

Initializing a Const Member

Question: I’m trying to initialize a const declared in a class. How do I do this? This example fails: class MyClass {private: const int A;}MyClass::MyClass () { A = 1;}

Templates and Nested Classes

Question: What is the C++ syntax for defining a function that belongs to a nested class that is contained within a template class? For example: template class A{ protected: //