December 1, 1999

Create a Link to the Previous Page Using ASP

With pages that are generated dynamically, you can’t provide a hardcoded link back to the previous page. However, ASP often provides you with the name of the page that contained

Create Line Breaks in the VID Label Object

The Visual InterDev label script object is a quick way to display text on your Web pages. Trouble is, the data from your recordset may contain line breaks that the

Returning a Value

Question: When executing a system call, how can I return a value back? My program will already return a value back. Example: String blah = system(“some command”); Is this correct?

All About Bool.h

Question: In my computer science class our teacher wants us to find information about Bool.h, which is supposedly in C++. No one in my class can find anything. Also, we

Array Initialization

Question: I’ve always used memset() in C to do char array initialization, but in C++ is it normal/acceptable practice to initialize a char array during declaration using this syntax? char

Circular Pointers

Question: I’m trying to make two classes point to one another. I know the syntax is weird, but it’s just to illustrate: class x{ y* ptry; }class y{ x* ptrx;

Array of Objects

Question: I have two questions. How do I pass an array of objects as an argument? How do I fix an error like “do or while loops are not expanded