Drag HTML Code Fragments to VID’s Toolbox

Drag HTML Code Fragments to VID’s Toolbox

The best way to avoid syntax errors and unnecessary typing is to store frequently used code in the Visual InterDev toolbox. It takes a few seconds and it saves hours of annoyance. For example, I can never remember the exact syntax of the Include statement. Rather that searching through old files for the code, I now just drag a copy from the toolbox. Try this:

  1. In VID’s Source editor, type or paste the code that you frequently use.
  2. Select the HTML tab of the toolbox.
  3. Select the code.
  4. Drag the code to the toolbox and drop it there.
  5. Right-click the new tool, click Rename Item and give the snippet a meaningful name.

From now on, whenever you need the code, such as:


you can just drag it from the toolbox. Warning: if you click the Reset button in the Customize Toolbox window, you’ll lose your custom tools.


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