February 1, 2000

Transferring .PST Files from Work to Home

Question: I’m running Outlook 2000 and would like to import my *.pst file into my home system. However, I receive an error message saying that the file needs to be prepared first. The work system is password-protected (I obviously know the password) and the home system is not. Also, the

The Many Uses of the Split Function

s Visual Basic and VBScript have progressed from version to version, chances are you have not kept up to date with some of the new functions introduced in the later releases. I have met many developers who are unaware of the existence of some really useful functions in VB6 or

Using AVIs as Buttons

Browsers Targeted: Internet Explorer 3+ Depending upon your bandwidth availability, you can incorporate AVIs into your Web pages as navigational elements. If you set the dynsrc property of the tag to the URL of the animation file (rather than setting the src attribute), you can play an AVI file or