February 22, 2000

How to Load Data from TXT Files

Question: How do I pick up useful data from a TXT file and insert it into a database? Answer: You can tackle this problem two ways. If your data follows

Running an Image Viewer in a Window

Question: How can I run an image viewer in a window portion of a form in Visual FoxPro alongside a scrolling list box? Answer: Here is how to create a

Allocating Multidimensional Arrays

Question: I have two questions about arrays. I have a 2D array of floats. I want to init everything with 0.0f. There must be a better way than going through

Menus Using Virtual Functions

Question: What is giving me a redefinition of CMenuItems class error in this code? //cmenu.hclass CMenuItem { public: char title[81]; virtual void Do_Command(void)=0;};//*********************//CMDS.CPP Defines and initializes menu commands.#include #include #include