March 9, 2000

VB and Web Development

Question: We have several applications developed in VB. What are the best alternatives for making these applications Web-enabled, and what are the advantages and problems associated with them. Answer: If

File Properties

Question: How can I retrieve a file’s properties? Either using an API call or a VB Control (i.e. version information)? Answer: To retrieve the file properties displayed on the property

Works in IE But Not Netscape

Question: Why do certain things like tables and frames work fine with Internet Explorer but not with Netscape? Answer: There are many differences in the way the two major browsers

Simplify DHTML Scripting With SrcElement

Browsers Targeted: Internet Explorer 4+ The SrcElement DOM object is generated any time that an event is called, and it contains the element that called the event in the first

The Standard C++ Naming Convention

If you’re looking for a “house style” of naming convention, you can adopt the one used in Standard C++. It uses all lowercase letters for identifiers, and underscores as word

The snprintf() Function

The C99 standard defines a new version of the function sprintf(), namely snprintf(), with the following prototype: int snprintf(char * restrict s, size_t n, const char * restrict format, …);

The “Maximal Munch” Principle

Every compiler has a tokenizer, which is a component that parses a source file into distinct tokens (keywords, operators, identifiers etc.). One of the tokenizer’s rules is called “maximal munch”,