Works in IE But Not Netscape

Works in IE But Not Netscape


Why do certain things like tables and frames work fine with Internet Explorer but not with Netscape?


There are many differences in the way the two major browsers interpret HTML. For example, Netscape requires that HTML input controls be within an HTML

tag pair. IE has no such restriction.

In addition, you can use HTML tags successfully without the ending tag in one browser (IE), but not the other. You can use certain HTML tags that are part of the

structure, such as , without the corresponding ending tags. The problem with that approach is that you will be relying on the browser to “decide” at what position to terminate each particular section. At best, it is risky.

You did not provide details about how your table is built, so I am unclear as to whether or not the issue I mentioned earlier is the source of the problem you are experiencing. Remember that it is always best to include an ending tag for all of your HTML tags (yes, even

). This development strategy will help increase the chances that your page will look similar across as many versions of as many browsers as possible.


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