March 13, 2000

Manipulating Border Style on Form Elements

Question: Is there any way to manipulate the border of a select list? It works fine on all the other existing form elements except the select. The solution must be supported by Internet Explorer 4 and 5. Answer: The HTML listbox control does not respond noticeably to DHTML border formatting

Will VBScript Ever Be Platform Independent?

Question: Will the VBScript in the coming version Visual Basic 7 be platform independent? Answer: Unless Microsoft decides to radically change things, Visual Basic 7.0 will not use Visual Basic Script (VBScript); it will use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA is the same language that is used in products

Using ANSI SQL Versus Transact SQL

Question: Is it advantageous to use ANSI SQL syntax or SQL Server syntax? For example, Inner Joins: Select * from T1 inner Join T2 on * from T1,T2 where Answer: From a performance perspective, it makes little difference. The SQL Server query optimizer will translate from your syntax

Column-Level Permissions or Access

Question: I have a table that contains about six million records. Each record contains some sensitive data or data that be accessible by the public. What would be the best method to allow access to the table, yet block the access to the sensitive columns (i.e., name, address, etc.)? Answer:

PowerBuilder Compatibility with Oracle

Question: I used PowerBuilder with another database tool at my previous employer. Unfortunately, I have transferred to another company that uses Oracle and Oracle Developer. Can I use PowerBuilder with Oracle? Answer: Yes, all of PowerBuilder’s great features work well with Oracle databases. Most of the applications I have written

Refreshing a Menu

Question: How can I refresh or redraw a menu? Answer: If you make one of the menu items nonvisible and then make it visible again, it should refresh the menu for you.

ActiveX Code Not Working in IE5

Question: Our company is developing a Web site with some ActiveX code. On Windows 98 with Internet Explorer 5 loaded, some can see that portion of code perfectly, and then others are missing the headers and other items. These are lists of data in a window, similar to a table

Sharing Calendars Without Exchange

Question: How do I set up a shared calendar, or at least public access to other people’s private calendar, in a network that uses Outlook 2000 and Windows NT server and workstation, but not Exchange? This used to be possible five or six years ago with Schedule+. Answer: To share

Embedded Apostrophe in a Query

Question: When I pass a string containing an embedded apostrophe in a query to SQL Server, it sees the apostrophe as an end-of-string marker. Example: “Select * from Members Where LastName = ‘O’Brien'” What’s the solution to this scenario? Answer: SQL Server allows the use of either the apostrophe or

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