July 18, 2000

Debugging in Visual C++

Question: Is there a way to access the call stack debugging information from the code? I would like to print the call stack inside a function, each time it is

RMIC and Inner Classes

Question: Can RMIC make stubs for inner classes? When I tryrmic packagename.OuterClassName$InnerClassName, it doesn’t work. Answer: Yes, RMIC can make stubs for inner classes. However, you must use thefully qualified

Superclass Variables Referencing Subclasses

Question: What is the advantage of declaring a variable as a superclass referenceand then pointing that variable to an instance of a subclass? Theway I see it, I can achieve

Sorting a Vector

Question: I have data in a Vector and need to sort it before displaying iton the screen; how do I do this? Answer: The Java 2 Collections Framework provides a

New & Malloc

Question: I understand that most of the time, new and malloc may use the same allocation routines, but does that necessarily mean new calls malloc? I am asking because I

Obtaining the Max Value from an Array

Question: How can I make a function to return and display the maximum number in the following array: int my_array[]={10,3,35,101,65,100}; Answer: First, sort the array. Then display the last element

Repair, Compact, and Back Up Access MDB

This repair and compact also backs up the Access MDB. Function ValidateMdb(MDB As String) As Boolean This function repairs, compacts, and backs up a database fileand deletes stray LDB (locking

Using Temp Tables in Oracle 8i

Oracle 8i introduces the concept of temp tables. This feature long since enjoyed by SQL Server developers enables data to be visible on a Session orTransaction basis. To create an