August 8, 2000

Escaped Characters

Question: When defining a string, is there a way to include a carriage return in the text? Answer: Yes. A carriage return is represented by the special escapedcharacter . However,

NT Backup While Exchange Is Running

Question: Can I use NT Backup to get a complete backup of PRIV.EDB and PUB.EDB while Exchange is running? Answer: NT Backup is Exchange-aware so you do not need to

Error Handling Routines

Question: While converting source code from C to C++, I came up with difficulties in converting error handling routines like err_quit(),err_sys(),etc. Are there C++ versions of these functions and where

Indirection Operator

Question: Can you use the indirection operator like a memcpy to copy the contents of a structure like this? *m_pMyInfo = stMyInfo; Or should you use the memcpy function? memcpy(m_pMyInfo,

Synchronized Method Overhead

Question: I am interested in keeping my code running as fast as possible. Is there a cost associated with making my methods synchronized, and if so, how significant a cost?

Outlook Meeting Requests

Question: Is there a way to turn off meeting requests for a user? Is there a way to turn off the “feature” that sets a tentative meeting when you open

Informix Data Types

Question: Does Informix support user-defined data types? Answer: OWS/IDS does not support custom data types. This is supported in the 9.X series and in the new Internet Foundation 2000 and

Synchronizing Workstation Clocks

Question: How do I synchronize all the Workstation clocks of a 100+ user community to the same reference? Answer: For NT 4.0, you can use the TimeServ.EXE, which is found

Mail Access from Handheld

Question: Does OWA in Exchange 2000 have a feature for accessing e-mail through a handheld? Can I just type in the URL and retrieve my inbox? Answer: If only it