August 9, 2000

Using Parameters in XSL Select Statements

Question: Given the XML file: Sometimes we want to display name1 and sometimes name2. We figured that perhaps we could set a parameter. Then we could pass in the name

Return E-mail Address for Outlook 98

Question: I have three workstations for three different users. They have different local e-mail addresses but they share the same internet e-mail address. Sending an e-mail is no problem but

MS Outlook

Question: I have a form that is being sent from Outlook 98 to Outlook 2000. The form contains a small macro (VB Script). How do I prevent the EnableDisable macro

Adding Message to Forwarding E-mail

Question: My company wishes to do some special e-mail forwarding. Is there a way to take an incoming message, place a message at the top or in the subject line,