August 9, 2000

Locking Rows

Question: We are developing an intranet application using visual interdev on windows 2000 and our informix database is on unix. We are using stored procedures and the ‘begin work’ and

Outlook Web Access

Question: When trying to create an e-mail from OWA the following error message appears: ‘Your message body is too large. OWA only supports message bodies up to 100K…’ This message

Return E-mail Address for Outlook 98

Question: I have three workstations for three different users. They have different local e-mail addresses but they share the same internet e-mail address. Sending an e-mail is no problem but

Using Parameters in XSL Select Statements

Question: Given the XML file: Sometimes we want to display name1 and sometimes name2. We figured that perhaps we could set a parameter. Then we could pass in the name

Restoring an Exchange Server

Question: The BDC was the exchange server, and now it can’t see itself as BDC or a server. It shows on the SERVER MANAGER as a workstation. We have a

Hiding the Command Window

Question: How can I hide the command window when a project is running? Answer: To hide the command window, issue the following command in your code: HIDE WINDOW COMMAND

FoxPro Syntax

Question: I was told that aMemo and alines are FoxPro commands but I can not find them in FoxPro help. Is my version of FoxPro too old? I am on