August 11, 2000

Selecting Three Radio Buttons

Question: I want to validate a form so that three radio buttons may be checked, but no more. This will be used in a “what are your top three choices”

Viewing Source Code

Question: Is there a way to prevent users from using the VIEW/SOURCE to view the HTML in my pages? I need to have this for a form that uses sensitive

Scroll() Function

Question: In the current Web project I have been working on, I have some links on my page which execute a JavaScript function. With this JavaScript function, I open up

File Deletion

Question: I’m opening a file for reading, and after reading its contents I write it all to other file. Now I want to delete the original file. How do I

Blobs and Java

Question: How can I get out the value of a blob to print out on a web page using Java? I am using a cursor to get out all the

Case Sensitivity

Question: Is Java platform-dependent where the case sensitivity of filenames is concerned? In Unix, filenames are case sensitive whereas in Windows they are not. How does it work when Java

Threads and JDBC Connections

Question: Is the JDBC Connection class thread safe? In other words, can a connection be shared between multiple threads without using synchronization? Answer: java.sql.Connection is actually an interface and not