August 11, 2000

Selecting Three Radio Buttons

Question: I want to validate a form so that three radio buttons may be checked, but no more. This will be used in a “what are your top three choices”

Void Function Arguments

Question: Why does Java accept function declarations like public void func(); but not declarations like public void func(void); Answer: Java is not C. Despite the similar syntax, all C idioms

JavaScript Browser Detection

Question: When loading a web page, I need to have JavaScript look at the browser it is loading into, and if it is not version 5 (Internet Explorer 5), I

Mouse Position

Question: Can I retrieve the position of the mouse on the screen? I need to know the X and Y coordinates because I want to position a layer at that

Multi-dimensional Arrays

Question: Can I create multi-dimensional arrays in JavaScript? Do you have an example? Answer: Yes and no. You can’t create multi-dimensional arrays (as such) in JavaScript. What you can do

Store Procedure and View Creation

Question: We need to create a view based on about 1600 tables. One of the problems is that we cannot enter all of the query into the buffer because the

Project Reference

Question: In a code I’m developing, I am getting a “can’t find project or library” error message when it gets to the following functions: Chr(), Right(), Left(). Aren’t these VB

Use of SocketImpl Class

Question: What is the SocketImpl class used for? Answer: SocketImpl is an abstract class that provides an interface for customizing socket implementations. Subclasses of SocketImpl are not intended to be

Interface vs. Abstract Class

Question: What is the difference between an interface and an abstract class? Answer: Within the confines of Java syntax, an interface is a type that only defines abstract methods and