Layers Move when Window Resizes Netscape

Layers Move when Window Resizes Netscape

Is there code to reload a whole page when it is resized? The page with the layers is nested in a frame which is opened in other page. When I resize my window in Netscape my layers move. I’m sure there is code out there but I haven’t found it yet.

That’s a well-known Netscape bug. Here’s some header script code that should work around the problem:

if (document.layers) {    saveWidth=window.innerWidth    saveHeight=window.innerHeight    window.onresize=resizeFix}function resizeFix() {    if (saveWidth != innerWidth | | saveHeight != innerHeight) {        document.location.reload()    }}

Keep in mind that the next version of Netscape won’t support the Layer tag, so you might want to consider phasing it out.


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