August 11, 2000

File Deletion

Question: I’m opening a file for reading, and after reading its contents I write it all to other file. Now I want to delete the original file. How do I

Scroll() Function

Question: In the current Web project I have been working on, I have some links on my page which execute a JavaScript function. With this JavaScript function, I open up

Viewing Source Code

Question: Is there a way to prevent users from using the VIEW/SOURCE to view the HTML in my pages? I need to have this for a form that uses sensitive

Using JavaScript to Find User Info.

Question: I’m working for a local newspaper, and we are writing a survey to see the type of technology our viewers are currently using to access the site. Is there

Determing Empty Tables or Queries in MS Access

You can determine whether an Access table or query, accessed via RECORDSET OBJECT, contains any record by examining the boolean type BOFand EOF propertyof that RECORDSET OBJECT. If the RECORDSET