August 14, 2000

Using Mapinfo with Informix

Question: I want to use Mapinfo with an Informix database, but I can’t connect the database server from Mapinfo. The Informix dynamic server version is 5.0. My network protocol is

Chunk is Down

Question: We are using IDS 7.30 FC7 on DEC/Unix 4.2. Two separate OnLine works on the same machine. Let’s call them OnLine1 and OnLine2. While adding a new chunk (not

Using Ports with Informix

Question: From a Windows system I am trying to connect to an Informix database running on a Sun Solarix box, which was just moved behind a firewall. The Windows machine

ODBC drivers for Informix IDS 9.2

Question: We are trying to get our application to work with Informix using ODBC, and we are having repeated failures. We cannot seem to access “memo” (large text) fields of

Exporting Informix

Question: I need to migrate Informix data to an Oracle database. The current application front end imports with CSV files. Can Informix export to a CSV file? Answer: There is

Differences in Execution Flow

Question: Why would a program not yield any errors, and yet not run on one system, while resulting in a perfect run (unchanged) on another system? Specifically, a switch statement