August 26, 2000

Avoiding Confusion about an Import Statement

Every source file in Java (.java file) contains one class. You can bundle a set of related classes into a package. Java provides “import” keyword, which is used to establish

Attach UpDown Control to Textbox

In Windows Common controls, we have an UpDown control. It can be attached toany textbox. It gives the user the appearance that he or she can control (increment or decrement)

Showing Rows of a Table in Columns Format

Sometimes in our database structures we’ve got to store information in such a way that it allows us to increase/decrease the type of data we store. For example, we have

Creating a Java VM

Here is the code ready to use and written in C, to create a JDK 1.1 Java Virtual Machine. #include int main() { JDK1.1InitArgs data; JNIEnv *env; JavaVM *jvm; jclass

SubQueries in the FROM Clause of SELECT

When a SubQuery is used in a FROM clause instead of a Table name, Oracle executesthe subquery and then uses the resulting rows as a view in the FROMclause. It’s

Using ROWNUM Pseudocolumn in Oracle

When querying in Oracle, use ROWNUM pseudocolumn to limit the number of returned rows. Pseudocolumns behave like table columns but are not actually stored in tables. (Other pseudocolumns are RowId,