October 19, 2000

Image Changeovers

Question: I have seen plenty of text on script dealing with mouseovers, or ‘animation’ where an image can change every few seconds, but is there a way I can write a script where an image changes once every 24 hours based on the server time, not the time the user’s

Form Validation

Question: I need to perform a validation on five fields in a form. The logic is: If field1 length >0 then disallow form submission if field2,field3, field4, and field5 are all empty. However, if any one of the fields (2-5) contain info, then submit the form. I have tried many

Pop-up Window with Links to New Pages

Question: I want to set up a series of links in a pop-up window which, when clicked, will (a) close the popup window and (b) redirect the main page to the URL of the link. How do I do this? I know how to set up the pop-up and the