Image Changeovers

Image Changeovers

I have seen plenty of text on script dealing with mouseovers, or ‘animation’ where an image can change every few seconds, but is there a way I can write a script where an image changes once every 24 hours based on the server time, not the time the user’s browser is open?

I assume that given a way to figure out the time on the server, you can figure out how to change the image display?

To find out the time, all you need to do is know how many hours you are off UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, also known as GMT, for Greenwich Mean Time). For instance, Pacific Standard Time is 8 hours after UTC.

You can then use one of JavaScript’s built-in date functions such as getUTCHours(), which will tell you the current hour in UTC. Subtract or add your server’s offset, and you’re set.


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