October 31, 2000

Interspersed Code and Declarations

The two previous tips discussed new features that were added to C99, and which C++ doesn’t support. This time I would like to present one of the changes that were

Reading a String from a File

classes overload the operators >> for reading from a file and word) // as long as sizeof hasn’t been reached { vs.push_back(word); //copy word to vector }}

Factorial Function

One of the classic examples of using recursion is calculating a factorial of a number. Here’s a typical implementation of this function: int factorial (int num){ if (num==1) return 1;

Variable Length Arrays

In C89 and C++, array dimensions must be declared using integer constant expressions. This allows the compiler to compute the array’s size at compile time. In C99, this rule was

Old-style Function Declarations

In earlier stages of C, function declarations looked like this: int func() /*no parameters inside parentheses*/int a,b; /*instead, parameters were declared here*/float f; /*another parameter*/{/*

Development Tools Windows 2000 Compliant?

Question: Our shop develops apps with VB 5.0 and 6.0. Are either of these versions of VBWindows 2000 compliant/compatible? Answer: Yes, they are. I have done a considerable bit of

Rebooting with NT’s Schedule Services

Question: How can I schedule an automatic reboot? I have the schedule service started and set up to start automatically, and I know how to dothe “at” commands. What I

Printer Error Message

Question: How do I fix the “a file xxxx.4gl cannot be written to” error, which occurs when I try toprint a document? Answer: Sorry, but I’m not a 4gl person.

Use Copy Web to Deploy a Web Application

Instead of copying all the files manually you can use the Copy Web Application feature in Visual InterDev 6.0 to easily move your Web application from one server to another.