Development Tools Windows 2000 Compliant?

Our shop develops apps with VB 5.0 and 6.0. Are either of these versions of VBWindows 2000 compliant/compatible?

Yes, they are. I have done a considerable bit of development on W2K with both VB 5.0and 6.0, and found only a few minor problems. In general—and this applies to anylanguage—the lower the level you program at, the greater a chance that achange/upgrade of the operating system will break the code. So, if you do a lot oflow-level API calls, chances are at least a couple of them will need to be modified. But theproblems I’ve found have been very minor.

One of the biggest changes is from COM to COM+, so you may need to do some readingand experimentation here (particularly if you use MTS). Other changes may include theway some third-party controls work in particular instances, and you will probably want tomake sure you have the latest updates from the vendor(s).

I would suggest, however, that you not switch from one OS to the other in the final half ofa development project. Do it at the beginning, so you have plenty of time to discover anyproblems and make the appropriate corrections.

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