October 9, 2001

Exporting SQL Server Results to XML

Beginning with SQL Server 2000, Microsoft added support for SQL-XML interoperability. They did this by expanding some statements that we all know

Detecting Memory Leaks in Palm OS

Memory is precious in Palm OS, so you can’t afford any memory leaks in programs. Therefore, it’s very essential to detect any memory leaks. To do this put breakpoints in

Improve Linear Searching

In order to increase the efficiency of your linear searching, add the item you are searching at the end of the list (either an array or linked list) and write

Naming a Thread

Debugging a multi-threaded program in Visual C++ may be difficult, especially when switching between multiple threads using the Debug/Threads menu. One efficient way to distinguish threads during debugging is to

Dealing with Delimited Strings in T-SQL

This is a simple way to find out the word count in a comma delimited string: declare @mystring varchar(200)set @mystring=”vb,asp,sqlserver,html”select (len(@mystring)-len(replace(@mystring,’,’,”))+1) The following code will parse the delimited string: –variable

Toggle Code Blocks with C Comments

If you find yourself constantly commenting and uncommenting bits of code during development, this tip could come in handy. Normally, you’d do something like this: #define /* #undef */ _FOObool