October 9, 2001

A More Enhanced Right() Function

Normally, the Right() Function VB returns only the Length specified from the End. If you want to extract the Right portion from any index of the String you have to

Another Form of Mid() Function

Sometimes, while performing String operations, you may want to extract part of the string from the main string–from the StartPosition to the EndPosition specified. The problem with the Mid() is

Setting Different HTTP Options

The following are the http properties for the HttpURLConnection:1) http.proxyHost (default: ) – defines the Proxy through which the request should be routed. 2) http.proxyPort (default: 80 if http.proxyHost specified)-

Delimit, Unparse, or Concatenate to Strings

A common operation in many applications requires you to concatenate a list of objects (usually strings) and separate them by commas, or some other character for display (the opposite of

Understanding Stack Trace

Stack trace is a collection of methods and objects that lists from the origin of the exception to the point where the nested call begins. class StackTrace{ StackTrace() { divideByzero();