Another Form of Mid() Function

Another Form of Mid() Function

Sometimes, while performing String operations, you may want to extract part of the string from the main string–from the StartPosition to the EndPosition specified. The problem with the Mid() is that it expects only the StartPosition and the number of characters needed from the StartPosition. If you want to extract characters from position 12 to 15 or from m to n where m

 Private Function MidX(strSource As String, StartIndex As Integer, EndIndexAs Integer)Dim iLength As Integer    If EndIndex > 0 And EndIndex > StartIndex Then        iLength = EndIndex - StartIndex + 1        MidX = Mid(strSource, StartIndex, iLength)    Else        Err.Raise 13, "Mid X", "Type Mismatch"    End IfEnd FunctionUsage: MidX("1234567890",5,7)Output: 567



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