October 25, 2001

LTrim(),RTrim(),Trim() Functions in JavaScript

JavaScript lacks the Trim() function. See below the code for trimming a string: function LTrim(ValueToTrim){ValueToTrim =ValueToTrim.toString()var WhiteSpace=new String(” “);var i=0;while(WhiteSpace.indexOf(ValueToTrim.charAt(i))>-1){ i++;}return ValueToTrim.substring(i);}function RTrim(ValueToTrim){ ValueToTrim =ValueToTrim.toString() var WhiteSpace=new String(” “); var

Unicode and the Watch Debugger Window

Managing Unicode strings (LPWSTR, BSTRs, etc.) is now a very common task. However, Visual Studio 6 does not allow you to view Unicode strings correctly in the watch window. It

Security101: MessageDigest Class

In Java, message digest is represented by “ class”.All main classes in package are instantiated using the factory method “getInstance()”.This method takes the String parameter, which is the name

Security101: MessageDigest

Message digest is a hash code of a byte sequence (message).It has certain properties that make it very unique and very useful: It has a fixed size (in bytes), which