LTrim(),RTrim(),Trim() Functions in JavaScript

LTrim(),RTrim(),Trim() Functions in JavaScript

JavaScript lacks the Trim() function. See below the code for trimming a string:

 function LTrim(ValueToTrim){ValueToTrim =ValueToTrim.toString()var WhiteSpace=new String(" 	
");var i=0;while(WhiteSpace.indexOf(ValueToTrim.charAt(i))>-1){  i++;}return ValueToTrim.substring(i);}function RTrim(ValueToTrim){	ValueToTrim =ValueToTrim.toString()	var WhiteSpace=new String(" 	
");	var i=ValueToTrim.length-1;        while(WhiteSpace.indexOf(ValueToTrim.charAt(i))>-1){  i--;}return ValueToTrim.substring(0,i+1);}function Trim(ValueToTrim){	return  LTrim(RTrim(ValueToTrim))}

LTrim – Trims of Whitespace at beginning of the string.
RTrim – Trims of Whitespace at end of the string.
Trim – Trims whitespace at beginning and end of string.


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