March 16, 2002

Launch another process in a specified directory

The System.Diagnostics.Process class provides several methods to launch and controls other Windows processes. For example, the following code sample shows how to run Notepad, pass arguments to it, and run

List all running Windows processes

The System.Diagnostics.Process class exposes the GetProcesses static method, that returns a list of all running processes. It is quite easy to leverage this feature to display all running processes in

Check whether Microsoft Word is installed

The .NET frameworks provides a set of classes that let you work with the Registry, so it is quite easy to create routine that looks for specific keys to determine

List all COM components on local machine

The following routine parses the registry and lists all the installed COM components: ‘ this code assumes that you have used this Imports statement’ Imports Microsoft.Win32′ Print ProgID, CLSID, and