August 20, 2002

Comparing Two Date Objects in JavaScript

This is a very handy and easily understandable code. There are two different methods, depending upon the type of data that is required as input to the functions: function CompareDatesOne(firstdate,seconddate){

Download Files of Any File Type

You may encounter a situation where you need to open a “Save As” dialogue box for downloading files of different types on to the client machine. You might have found

Send Mail Using a VC++ Application

Import the complete path of the following files in your application using the #import statement: MSO9.DLL msoutl9.olb HRESULT hr;CComBSTR inputStr;inputStr = CString(“MAPI”).GetBuffer(0);CoInitialize(NULL);Outlook::_ApplicationPtr xyz(“Outlook.Application”);_bstr_t name(inputStr, true);Outlook::_NameSpacePtr nsp = xyz->GetNamespace(name);CComBSTR cTo =

Explore the File System from T-SQL

The Indexing Service should be started before using the following code.The File content search relies on the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for the IndexingService. The following query lists all the