December 14, 2002

Avoid the Loss of CSS Style in Netscape V4.x

Sometimes it is very helpful to use a JavaScript feature that supports adding properties to build-in prototype “Objects” at runtime. It is generally known that Netscape 4.x has problems in

Book Excerpt: Oracle9i The Complete Reference

hapter 21: Using SQL*Loader to?Load DataIn the scripts provided in Appendix A, a large number of insert commands are executed. In place of those inserts, you could create a file

Specify the Order By Clause in a View

SQL Server does not allow you to include the Order By clause in a view.To do this, consider using the following workaround: USE pubsGOCREATE VIEW AuthorsByNameASSELECT TOP 100 PERCENT *FROM

The Ten Developer Commandments of BREW

QUALCOMM’s Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW) is a platform that is ideally suited to creating powerful applications on memory/footprint-constrained devices. One of the ways BREW is able to do

Using Quotation Marks in SQL Server

The standard delimiters for literal strings in SQL are single quotation marks (‘). By default, SQL Server reserves double quotation marks (“) as delimiters for database objects.The SQL Server ODBC

Avoid NullPointerException Comparing Strings

The standard way to compare a variable String to a constant is to use this syntax: if(myString.equals(“test”)){ doSomething();} However, if myString is null, a NullPointerException will be thrown. Instead, use:

Securing Your SQL Server

lanning for database security means a number of things. First, you need to take care that the code you send to SQL Server is not vulnerable to SQL injection. Second,