February 10, 2003

Macromedia Launches Developer Subscription Service, Enhanced Version of Studio MX

February 10, 2003–Macromedia announced today a software subscription service that will give developers access to a broad range of Macromedia products for development and testing purposes, including licenses for both client-side and server-side tools, exclusive access to online tutorials and technical resources, extensions, utilities, and early access to product updates.

Registering ASP.NET on IIS after installing the .NET Framework

If you install the .NET Framework on a system that has IIS already installed, IIS is automatically configured to handle requests to ASP.NET pages, and to redirect the execution to the ASP.NET runtime. However, it may happen that you installed the framework on a Windows 2000 Professional system where IIS

Relative Urls in user controls

Urls that you set in user-control’s child controls are relative to the user control’s directory, not to the host page’s directory. Say for example that you have an user-control located under the /UserControls directory, and the host page under the / root directory. The user-control exposes a custom public property

BuildUrlWithQueryString – Building an Url with a list of parameters in the querystring

‘ This function takes in input a base url and an array of parameter names and ‘ values (in the form: param1, value1, param2, value2, etc.),’ and returns the final url with all the parameters in the querystring’ Example:’ Dim url As String = BuildUrlWithQueryString(“Test.aspx”, “Param1”, “Value1”, ‘ “Param2”, 123,

Disabling the session state to improve performances

Sessions management consumes server’s resources and memory, thus, if you don’t use them in your application, you should disable them to improve performances. You can disable sessions for the entire application by setting to False the mode attribute in the web.config’s tag, as follows: If you generally need session variables,

Creating a popup calendar control

Many data entry forms have one or more text fields that the user should fill with a date value. Many sites have a button near these fields that when clicked pops up a new small window with a calendar, to help the user select the date. When the user clicks

Storing Your Secret Data in Windows

Developers often ask me how they can safely store secret information when building secure systems. A secret is any data known only to one or more valid computers, users, or applications. Examples include passwords, keys to decrypt other data, and so on. The short answer to their question is they

Secure Account Management Across Production and Development Environments

or example, a number of financial institutions seem predetermined to use NIS to manage large numbers of accounts across a multitude of systems. So what’s the problem with that? Anyone who issues the command ypcat passwd can gain access to the encrypted passwords for all users on the network, including