BuildUrlWithQueryString – Building an Url with a list of parameters in the querystring

' This function takes in input a base url and an array of parameter names and ' values (in the form: param1, value1, param2, value2, etc.),'  and returns the final url with all the parameters in the querystring' Example:'  Dim url As String = BuildUrlWithQueryString("Test.aspx", "Param1", "Value1", '      "Param2", 123, "Param3", "hello ")Function BuildUrlWithQueryString(ByVal baseUrl As String, _    ByVal ParamArray args() As String)    Dim params As String = ""    Dim i As Integer    For i = 0 To args.Length - 1 Step 2        ' if this is not the first parameter, concatenate with &        If params.Length > 0 Then params &= "&"        ' add the param_name=param_value piece to the current params string        params &= HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(args(i)) & "=" & _            HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(args(i + 1))    Next    ' add the params to the base url and return the final string    Return baseUrl & "?" & paramsEnd Function

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