January 21, 2004

Funk Up Your Forms with Fading

I find this particularly useful in an MDI environment where you don’t want to keep switching forms to read information?just make the front form transparent to read the one behind,

Creating and Managing Global Variables

Sometimes, you can’t avoid declaring global variables in C++. However, should you prefer not to mix C++ with C code techniques, try the following: Create a global class and add

Get Details of the Aggregated Data

Say you want to get the latest processes running on Microsoft® SQL Server and their time, hostname, and the username. The following query retrieves this data: Use MasterSelect SysPro1.program_name,SysPro1.login_time,SysPro1.MemUsage,SysPro1.Hostname,SysPro1.Hostname,SysPro1.nt_domain,SysPro1.nt_usernameFrom sysprocesses

Register ActiveX Files Using the Mouse

Do you find yourself constantly registering and unregistering ActiveX .exe, .dll, .ocx, or .olb files? This script allows you to do so with just a mouse click. Here’s how to