Get Details of the Aggregated Data

Say you want to get the latest processes running on Microsoft® SQL Server and their time, hostname, and the username. The following query retrieves this data:

Use MasterSelect SysPro1.program_name,SysPro1.login_time,SysPro1.MemUsage,SysPro1.Hostname,SysPro1.Hostname,SysPro1.nt_domain,SysPro1.nt_usernameFrom sysprocesses SysPro1INNER JOIN(SELECT program_name, MAX(login_time) as T2FROM sysprocessesGROUP BY program_name Having len(program_name) > 0)  SysPro2ON( SysPro2.program_name = SysPro1.program_name  AND SysPro2.T2 = SysPro1.login_time )
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