November 8, 2005

The Remove_if() Algorithm

If you are familiar with the remove_if() algorithm, you’re used to applying remove_if() followed by erase(). For example, suppose you’re given a predicate to determine whether a number is even:

Resolve DB2 Instance Creation Failure on UNIX

On AIX, and UNIX in general, DB2 instance creation fails with vague errors: Update DBM cfg SYSADM_GROUP errcode = 8DBI1281E The database manager configuration file could not be initialized. Explanation:

Extract JAR and ZIP Entries with JarURLConnection

Use the following code to extract JAR and ZIP Entries with JarURLConnection: import*;import*;import java.awt.*;import java.util.*;import java.util.jar.*;class read extends Frame{URL url=null;JarURLConnection URLcon=null;JarFile jar=null;TextArea TA=new TextArea(15,35);public read(String titlu){ super(titlu);}void init(){

Combine Multiple .NET Assemblies into One

You can use Microsoft’s ILMerge tool to merge .NET assemblies?even those written in different .NET languages?into a single assembly for easier distribution, something that’s not possible using Visual Studio alone.