December 17, 2008

Adobe AIR: Running SQL Commands Against a Local Database

hile many technologies promise to put features of desktop applications on the web, Adobe AIR brings web development to the desktop. Adobe AIR is a cross-platform runtime environment that allows web developers to use their existing Flash and Flex skills to build applications for the desktop. Adobe AIR in Action

Changing the Style of a String in JavaScript

JavaScript’s String object provides functions that display style of the text: big() blink() bold() fixed() fontsize(&ltsize&gt): This function takes a parameter to specify the font-size in pixels. fontcolor(““): This function takes a string parameter to specify font-color. italics() link(““): This function takes a string parameter to specify the URL. small()

Encode and Decode URLs Using UTF-8

This tip shows you how to encode and decode your URLs using the UTF-8 character encoding: import*;public class URL_Encoder_Decoder{ public static void main(String[] args){ String url = “@sir de [email protected],nr. 1290 ‘paragraf 3′”; try{ String encode_url=URLEncoder.encode(url,”UTF-8″); String decode_url=URLDecoder.decode(encode_url,”UTF-8″); System.out.println(url); System.out.println(encode_url); System.out.println(decode_url); }catch( e) {System.out.println(“Error:”+e.getMessage());} }}Output:@sir de [email protected],nr. 1290 ‘paragraf