August 5, 2009

Eliminate Spaghetti Code Using PHP Rules

HP Rules is a rule engine that lets you separate conditional logical statement from your source code and from the database, placing the conditional logic in reusable files, where you

Discover Long-Running Queries

Let SQL Server tell you which queries take the longest to run. The following query returns the five longest-running queries. You can change the TOP 5 to whatever number best

An OCX-less Progress Bar

If you need a progress bar in your VB6 application, but don’t want to add the reference to Microsoft Windows Common Controls, here’s a simple way to create a progress

Using the Guard Mechanism in Multi-Threaded Applications

Using the guard mechanism in multi-threaded applications instead of explicit Lock and Unlock instructions can save you from a number of undesirable synchronization problems. Developers writing multi-threaded applications often fall