February 3, 2010

Mobile App Developers on Cloud 9

Savvy developers looking for the next big thing in mobile business apps may actually have two big things to set their sights on: web-based cloud computing and related appliance-like devices. That’s the collective opinion of analysts from ABI Research and the Enderle Group. The dominant force in mobile apps is

Flash Is at Risk, But It’s Not All Adobe’s Fault

Flash gets a lot of bad press as a risky technology, but Mike Bailey, a senior security analyst with Foreground Security, says that a big part of the problem is programming errors. “The issues that I’m discussing can be prevented by Web site owners by being very careful about the

Google Plans Store for Online Business Software

In what’s being seen as a move to compete more directly with Microsoft, Google may open an app store targeted at business customers as early as March. The new site would feature third-party applications that integrate with Google Web services. For example, developers might sell products that enhance security or

What Second Life Can Teach Your Datacenter About Scaling Web Apps

Between 2007 and 2009, the Second Life userbase grew dramatically. Drawing from experience working for the company, Ian Wilkes offers developers advice on how to create Web apps that are able to withstand that kind of growth. Here’s an overview: At the outset, correctly identify the business need and reliability

Software Implementation Revolutionized

Deploying and maintaining enterprise applications is both challenging and time-consuming, but software appliances can change that. With an appliance, enterprises can quickly and easily deploy a pre-configured, optimized appliance with an integrated operating system. In this white paper, Novell explores how software appliances are revolutionizing application delivery. View white paper

Successful Agile Planning: An Iteration How-To, Part II

Iteration planning occurs on the first day of the iteration. A guiding tenet is — those who do the work, plan the work — so it is essential that the entire Delivery Team participate in planning. It is a collaborative (not directed) exercise facilitated by the ScrumMaster. The Product Owner