March 27, 2010

Facebook To Release A “Like” Button For the Whole Darn Internet

Is Facebook trying to take over the entire Internet? A new extension to Facebook Connect and the Facebook API can put a like button on any site, effectively turning those sites into feeders for Facebook. TechCrunch surmises that the new feature is “likely part of Facebook’s Open Graph API project

Making the Switch to Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4 are closing in on final production release dates, and that has developers thinking about when they’ll upgrade. Specifically, when should they upgrade internally and how soon will they be able to test and release final code based on the new technologies. One

Verizon to Launch V Cast Mobile Application Store March 29

Mobile carrier Verizon will launch V Cast Apps next week with about 300 applications, though it hopes to soon have many thousands available. Unlike other app stores, Verizon’s will allow users to pay for apps on their monthly phone bill. The company also pointed out that apps currently posted in

Application Composition, Agile Development Rapidly Gaining Ground

Information technology projects aren’t slowing down just because the economy tanked — only IT budgets. Everywhere you turn, businesses are facing serious challenges that require a fresh look at how IT dollars are spent. In an era of frugal investments, the costs of maintaining legacy systems and using traditional business