Making the Switch to Visual Studio 2010

Making the Switch to Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4 are closing in on final production release dates, and that has developers thinking about when they’ll upgrade. Specifically, when should they upgrade internally and how soon will they be able to test and release final code based on the new technologies.

One developer tracking the beta releases of Visual Studio 2010 says that upgrading to the latest application development tools won’t be as difficult as some previous upgrades. “Most of the hard work was done when we went from Visual C++ 6 to Visual Studio 2005, and some more when we went to Visual Studio 2008. While we still have some code adjustments to make for Visual Studio 2010, they aren’t difficult: just tedious. Meanwhile, the code generated is faster, although a bit larger than our shipping product.”

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