November 12, 2010

Intel Bolsters its Tool Offerings For Developers

Intel, hardly a household name in software, has lately been building its software credibility in the developer community, especially among developers using its multi-core processors. Intel’s interest in developer tools is part of its wider interest in software as a whole. In recent months, the vendor acquired McAfee, and went

Effective Agile Development Meetings

With the cost for all-day meetings reaching into the thousands of dollars, project managers are well-advised to make sure their meetings are as efficient as possible. In this article, experts suggest keeping meetings to 30 minutes or using a Dev Huddle instead to make sure time isn’t wasted. Other tips

Learning JavaScript Visually with Diagrams

According to developer Tim Caswell, “One of the secrets to being a super effective JavaScript developer is to truly understand the semantics of the language.” In order to help others gain that understanding, Caswell has put together a series of tutorials that use diagrams to illustrate how the language works.

One Third of Top-Grossing iPhone Apps Are Free

The list of the top 100 grossing iPhone apps includes 34 free apps that make their money through in-app purchases. This so-called “freemium” model has rapidly grown in popularity since Apple first made it a possibility a little over a year ago. In January, the top 50 apps included just

Apache Foundation in Open Source Java Fight with Oracle

The ongoing fight between Oracle and Apache just got a little more heated. The Apache Software Foundation is asking other JCP members to vote against releasing the next proposed version of Java in order to show Oracle that they dislike the current licensing restrictions on the language. Apache is also