Effective Agile Development Meetings

Effective Agile Development Meetings

With the cost for all-day meetings reaching into the thousands of dollars, project managers are well-advised to make sure their meetings are as efficient as possible. In this article, experts suggest keeping meetings to 30 minutes or using a Dev Huddle instead to make sure time isn’t wasted. Other tips for agile development teams who want to make their meetings more effective include the following:


  • “Own a meeting – Come prepared and feel responsible for the success of the meeting.”
  • “Watch out for too much detail.”
  • “Make everyone physically participate – write on a white board, take notes, walk, move.”
  • Use a portion of the white board as a “parking lot” for discussions that aren’t part of the agenda.
  • “Foster communication beyond formal meetings. Remember that ‘Meetings are a penalty for the lack of effective communication.'”
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