February 24, 2011

Check Your JavaScript with JSHint

Paul Irish and Anton Kovalyov recently launched JSHint, a online JavaScript checking tool. The tool is very similar to JSLint, but is designed to be more customizable and community-oriented. The

Agile Development on a Global Scale

IBM and several academic researchers recently worked together on a research project designed to determine whether agile development methodologies can really work when developers are located on different continents. For

What Is Mobile Augmented Reality For?

Augmented reality (AR), combining digital information with the real world, has been a hot trend in mobile application development reality, but its future is still a little vague. In other

Escape the iOS SDK

Apple’s dislike for Adobe Flash technology is pretty well-known. As a result, some developers don’t realize that it is possible to create iPhone or iPad apps using Flash. And, of

Google to Certify Apps Expertise

Google has launched a certification program for its Google Apps set of cloud-based programs. Appropriately enough, the certification process is all cloud-based as well. The Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist