April 1, 2011

Apple WWDC to Unveil ‘Future of iOS’

Apple has announced that its 2011 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) will kick off on June 6 in San Francisco. The company says it will “unveil the future of iOS and Mac OS” at the event, which likely means that it will debut iOS 5.0. Although Apple didn’t release any other

Google Launching Android In-App Payments Next Week

Beginning next week, apps in the Android Market will be able to accept in-app payments, and developers can test the process now. “You can now upload your apps to the Developer Console, create a catalog of in-app products, and set prices for them,” blogged Google’s Eric Chu. “You can then

Expensify CEO: Why We Don’t Hire .NET Programmers

If you want a programming job at a start-up, Expensify CEO David Barret says you should avoid the .NET platform if at all possible. In a controversial blog post, he writes, “Programming with .NET is like cooking in a McDonalds kitchen. It is full of amazing tools that automate absolutely

Eclipse Rekindles Java Relationship

Every year, the Eclipse Foundation releases a “train” of updates for the Eclipse IDE and related tools. Unlike recent releases, which have focused on extending the platform to platforms like PHP and Ajax, this year’s train, codenamed “Indigo,” will focus on Eclipse’s Java roots. “Indigo’s one of the best things