Expensify CEO: Why We Don’t Hire .NET Programmers

Expensify CEO: Why We Don’t Hire .NET Programmers

If you want a programming job at a start-up, Expensify CEO David Barret says you should avoid the .NET platform if at all possible. In a controversial blog post, he writes, “Programming with .NET is like cooking in a McDonalds kitchen. It is full of amazing tools that automate absolutely everything. Just press the right button and follow the beeping lights, and you can churn out flawless 1.6 oz burgers faster than anybody else on the planet.” However, he says that start-ups like his are looking for “a very different sort of person. The sort of person who grew up cooking squirrels over a campfire with sharpened sticks.”

He concludes with two points: “1. If you ever want to work in a startup, avoid .NET. It does you no favors. 2. If you are a startup looking to hire really excellent people, take notice of .NET on a resume, and ask why it’s there.”

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