April 15, 2011

PC Makers Get Their First Taste of Windows 8

According to posts in online forums, Microsoft has provided some PC manufacturers with its first test build of Windows 8. If this launch follows previous patterns, that means the operating

Will PaaS Solve All Developer Ills?

As companies increasingly move towards cloud computing, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings may help simplify the task of creating cloud-based custom applications. Bob Bickel, an advisor at CloudBees and chairman at eXo,

Android Expected to Win Smartphone Four-Horse Race

Two different market research firms–Ovum and IDC–have recently released reports which predict that Google’s Android will be the clear leader among mobile operating systems in the next four to five

ISO Finalizes C++ Update

The ISO steering committee for C++ has approved the final draft of the latest version of the language. That means C++ 2011 could be released later this year if ISO/IEC