August 5, 2011

Office May Become a Programming Platform

A recent Microsoft job posting suggests a possible new future for Office: Now is the time to take Office programmability to the next level. We’re a small but strong team within Visual Studio that is currently in the planning stages for Office 15 programmability tools. One of our key goals

App Developers Targeting Repeat Customers

In a recent IDC survey sponsored by Appcelerator, half of mobile developers said that most of their earnings come from app downloads. That’s a 9 percent decrease from the survey conducted six months earlier. At the same time, the percentage of developers who make their money from in-app sales increased

7 Top Scrum Tools

As developers and managers continue to debate the best way to implement Scrum application development techniques, these tools help teams do Scrum “your way.” Acunote — This SaaS tool “doesn’t force you into a strict process. The tool shows you the progress of the project, and you can see all

Mobile Developers Enthusiastic about Google+, iCloud

IDC has released a new study, sponsored by Appcelerator, which finds that 25 percent of mobile development pros surveyed believe Google+ is the new trend that will have the most impact on mobile growth and adoption. Other trends cited as noteworthy included Apple’s iCloud (22 percent), NFC (18 percent), iOS

Eclipse and Subversion: Project Source Control From Within the IDE

Generally, developers don’t use source control from within their IDEs or put off integrating their own code with the project source control because they believe that doing otherwise is easier and faster. This misconception — like most misconceptions — is quickly dispelled with a little better understanding. In this tutorial,